Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In it’s simplest form, it’s a partnership between farmers and their local community where both parties share the benefits and support of sustainable, local agriculture.

How does a CSA work?

CSA farm customers (“members” or “shareholders”) commit early in the year to buy a farm’s harvest by purchasing a farm “share.” Over the growing season, CSA members receive a weekly box or selection of the farm’s harvest.

Why choose a CSA?

CSA works great for members because there is a price discount from retail prices (members save money!), shares are often brought to more convenient locations for pick-up, and members have access to a host of added benefits like visiting the farm, meeting other local folks interested in supporting farms, getting newsletters with tailored recipes, and lots more.

CSA works great for farmers because they know in advance how many members they are serving (so they have exact numbers of what they need to grow), they have more cash on hand early in the season to buy cropping supplies, and they have the support and connections with a community of members.

How does pickup/delivery work?

We are changing the delivery/pickup system this year to ensure maximum efficiency and convenience for your family and ours! When signing up for your basket, you will be able to pick from a multitude of pickup locations and we will offer a pickup location in every community we serve! There will be a sign out sheet, so all you have to do is sign and pick up your produce for you to enjoy! If you are unable to make pickup on a given week, feel free to contact me and I will make every effort to get you your basket!

What if I don't pick up my share?

Shares that go uncollected each week will be donated to a food bank or family in need! We are strong believers in no food should go to waste, and each basket will be surely put to use by someone. If you know in advance that you will be unable to pick your basket up that week, reach out and the value of the weekly basket will be added to your account for you to purchase extras over the course of the season to recoup the difference

What is in each CSA share?

SMALL SHARE: Enough vegetables to feed 1-2 persons. This share size is perfect for individuals or couples! Includes at least 5 different items in each basket

FULL SHARE: Enough vegetables to feed 3-4 people. This share size is our most popular, and is the perfect amount of vegetables for a week of great cooking. This basket includes at least 5 different items each week with most weeks containing more. This membership will also include some specialty crops/value added goods at certain points throughout the season!

VEGGIE LOVER: If you love vegetables, this one's for you! This share size is enough vegetables to feed 5-6 people, perfect for hungry children. This basket will include all available crops for the given week, in generous portions, including fresh farm products and specialty crops. If you want to spend your summer eating well, look no further than the veggie lover.

SEASON DATES: Currently, we are planning to offer a 15 week CSA as we did last year. The current plan is for the CSA to run roughly June 1 to September 1. I have upgraded my equipment to allow for an extended growing season that should get fresh, outdoor grown food to your table as early as possible! Since all of the produce is grown outdoors, it is difficult to put an exact timeframe. If the growing season allows, I plan to start as early as possible.

REFERRAL POLICY: Get the word out! I am accepting as many new members as possible as I look to grow our CSA family larger and larger. The more members we have, the more I am able to invest in our crops! I am honored to have the support of so many in our local community, and I am looking to branch out into others! To do this, I need your help! For every person you refer, you will receive 25$ off your total. This bonus can be received up to the whole cost of your CSA share, so please let everyone you know!

PAYMENT OPTIONS: As a CSA member, you are literally a “shareholder” of the farm! The cost of the membership is paid up-front before the delivery of the first basket. This is generally paid in full, but if you would like to set up a payment plan, I am glad to work with you any way I can. Payment can be made by cash, check, or card. The new software will also allow you to keep a card on file for quick purchases of additional vegetables throughout the season! By receiving the money up front, this allows no corners to be cut in any phase of production. You also reap the benefits of the growing season. Items that yield higher than planned will be included in baskets.